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D-One training and support service has been create to solve your doubts as soon as possible and to adapt on your needs.

Speed ​​and courtesy

Our technicians are always helpful to give right information to all customer that require support, quickly and purposefully to ensure highest satisfation of customer. Ours are not only data management software, but also partners always by your side.

Discover the possible solutions and choose the one that suits you!

Video tutorial The more immediate way to receive quickly an answer are our video tutorials made available for free on YouTube. You can solve in a few minutes your doubts about using D-One softwares, thanks to practical and quick videos, categorized in playlists, for a simple consultation. You can find also a real one video course to know the correct use of the software from the basics. Technical manual Available on the website a real one software manual to know software avanced functionality and to can build yourself a database according to your needs. Every single function explained in detail to allow you to know the software deeply and put yourself in the conditions to manage every part of it. Consult it and the software will have no more secrets for you. Online guide Within the windows of the program you can find a Help button that allows access to a dedicated page on the website. The page describes step by step the steps to correctly fill in the window fields. They are real tutorials accompanied by screenshots of the software to allow the user to orientate during use. Integrated support A very useful function present within the software allows you to send the database directly to our technicians. In this way you will not need a remote connection to recover your data to solve any problems, just send us your concerns and we will be ready to solve everything as fast as possible. E-mail You can email your request directly to our support department. Just tell us at your problem and our technicians will respond to you within 24 working hours with the right solution for your needs.

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If you need to request telephone and remote assistence or training, you need to purchase a voucher before contactiong us.


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To activate the remote support from a technician, you have to send an e-mail to to take an appointment.  

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